My name is Jack Conlin, and thank you for visiting my website!  I grew up in Mountain Lakes, a small suburb in New Jersey, with my three siblings, Dylan, Samantha, and Grace.  Growing up my siblings and I always played sports and competed with one another.  That love of competition and athletics led me to the sport of rowing as a freshman in high school, which I grew to love.  I had the privilege of competing throughout high school, and continued rowing at the University of California at Berkeley, where I was a part of the National Championship rowing team in 2016.

Throughout my time as a student athlete at Cal I was introduced to an organization called Athletes in Action where I found unbelievable hospitality, compassion, joy, and community.  Athletes in Action is an interdenominational Christian parachurch organization for student athletes, that seeks to have a Christian athlete on every team, in every sport, and in every nation.  During my time at Cal, I had the opportunity to serve on the student leadership team the past two years and served as president last year.  In these two years, I got a taste for the incredible vision that the staff had for a discipleship movement in the athletic department.  It was amazing to experience the real hunger that Cal athletes have for a personal relationship with Jesus.

There are many athletes at Cal who are attempting to find their identity in their sport, academics, or social life.  I hope that I can serve those students and help them understand that their identity in sport, school, and socially, though important, does not define them.  I want to be someone students can turn to when they feel lost, and alone in the competitive environment of D1 athletics and academics.  I felt called to spend my next year working with student athletes through AIA, and I am excited to be joining staff with Athletes in Action at Cal Berkeley’s campus in Fall 2018!


Contact Information:

Phone: (862) 222-3002

Email: jack.conlin@athletesinaction.org